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With the digital platform Smart eTax, we enable fiduciary companies to cooperate and communicate with clients. We keep pace with digitalisation and create the opportunity to address the new generation of clients in a targeted and tailored manner.

With Smart eTax, you also increase your visibility online and meet the needs of new clients across the board with the digitally enhanced offer.

Smart eTax

The Swiss cloud-based platform



In 30 minutes, we will give you an overview of the platform and show you the most important functions.

Test run

We provide you with the platform for a test run. Because if you feel safe, so will your customers.

Basic package

After the test run, we define your basic package and you can start immediately with your first clients.

Extension basic package

Every additional person who becomes a customer brings you closer to the next cheaper tariff zone. The more your clientele grows with Smart eTax, the more you profit.


We do not charge any additional fees for the support you use. We support you at any time - free of charge.

Trustee directory

We support you in attracting more customers. By making your services visible in the Smart eTax register of trustees, you can offer them digitally. New clients can contact you digitally and get a quote for completing their tax return. With the integrated offer system, you can submit your individualised offer with just a few clicks.



Smart eTax

You want to know what Smart eTax has to offer first and would like to wait and see? With pleasure.

With Smart eTax Light you are visible on our public network in a relaxed way. New potential clients can find information in the Smart eTax directory of trustees and with just a few clicks they can request a quote for completing their tax return.

How does this work?

An estimate of the possible scope of a potential tax return gives you the chance to give a guideline quote. With a bit of luck, your client will start uploading the tax documents with the pending list automatically generated by Smart eTax.

Try it out...

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Smart eTax

Starter Package

Get started with the Smart eTax starter package and master the tax return digitally with your existing clients.

If you wish, your fiduciary company can be found in the nationwide Smart eTax fiduciary directory and you can thus acquire additional potential digital clients.

The basic package includes:

25 client files

1 user account

Visible in the directory of trustees.

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Smart eTax

Coming soon...

Here we publish some of the upcoming developments of Smart eTax. Your feedback helps to make Smart eTax unique. Your ideas should have a place here and, if possible, be implemented. Don't hesitate to get in touch with us - so that you can soon benefit from your ideas directly on Smart eTax.

New notification system

We want to make communication between fiduciary companies and clients as precise, efficient but also effective as possible. True to the motto: Everything it needs, but only as much as necessary.

The extension of the various notifications will be relaunched.

Introduction of development Q1, 2023

Enable external review

All taxpayers in Switzerland should benefit from Smart eTax - including those who complete their tax returns themselves.

With the opening of the platform, these persons also have the opportunity to benefit from the expertise of the trustee firms on Smart eTax. By having their self-completed tax return finally checked by a trustee. Smart eTax makes this process simple and efficient.

End of development Q3, 2023

Offer system

It has never been so easy! Smart eTax enables all trustee companies to submit an indicative offer to potential new clients within a few minutes using the integrated offer system. We will show you how you can benefit from this as soon as the feature is live.

Introduction of the development Q2, 2023

Simplify the internal review

The internal review is confusing, time-consuming and, depending on the customer structure and company size, almost impossible to control. With Smart eTax, you can easily delegate the review to the desired specialist in the future and release it for handover after the review.

End of development Q3, 2023