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We have developed Smart eTax with the aim of facilitating and digitizing the cooperation with trustee offices for you. For this purpose, we have created functions that are intuitive and make it child's play to use. Get a first taste of the most important functions and the use of Smart eTax here.


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First things first

In order to additionally increase the personal firewall on your end device to a maximum, we recommend the following first steps.

After that, you can move around our platform with 100% peace of mind, safely and freely - have fun!

1. install authenticator

Download Google Authenticator (recommended) or Free OTP on your mobile if you haven't already done so. We recommend the Google Authenticator, as it is much more convenient in combination with the mobile. The combination of numbers (one-time-code) can be copied and pasted during the registration process by simply tapping on it.

Smart eTax does not share any information with Google and other applications.

2. QR code / One-time code

You will receive an activation link from info@smartetax.ch. Activate it. Then you can scan the QR code with the Google Authenticator or with Free OTP. Otherwise you can copy the corresponding numeric key in the Google Authenticator under "Key".

After activating and entering the QR code or numeric key, you are absolutely safe on the road - yay!
Once set up, you can only enter the combination of numbers (one-time code) when logging in.

3. secure password

A secure password is the be-all and end-all in the digital world. Your password should meet the following conditions:

  • at least 8 characters
  • upper / lower case letters
  • Special characters
4. my.smartetax.ch

For a future  access to Smart eTax it is best to enter my.smartetax.ch in the browser on your mobile. Then save the page on your home screen. This way you will be much more efficient in the future and the access will be even faster.

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Registration process

The video (currently in German) supports you in the registration process and the secure setup of your account. In a few minutes you can start with your own account and test the first functions on Smart eTax.

Efficient on the go with your mobile

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