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The features available on Smart eTax are all intuitive and are designed to maximise the collaboration with your trustee office. The basic features in particular are designed to make it easy to complete your annual tax return.

tasks list

You can keep your own personal task list for each tax year separately. Smart eTax helps you to create your own personal task list, which is then automatically synchronised with your fiduciary office. In this way, you can exchange information efficiently and easily about the tasks that still need to be completed. 


All your tax documents are stored clearly and securely in your account and are always ready. Whether you need your property invoice or the submitted tax return for the bank or insurance company: in future you will find all your documents in no time at all. 


Collecting all the necessary documents has never been so easy and the tedious compilation at the beginning of the year is a thing of the past. With the built-in upload function, you can upload any documents in digital form directly to your account. Simply scan your documents with your mobile phone and they are ready for upload, whether via mobile or desktop.

Overview & important basic features

Get an overview of Smart eTax and learn about the first basic functions. We will show you how to best use the platform and provide you with all the important information.

In the " Tipps" section, you will also find all the information summarised in written form.

Features for the optimal work flow

Making it easier for you to complete your tax return is our priority. Here we show you further features that ensure a smooth work flow between you and your trust office.

If you think something is missing, let us know. Your feedback helps us to continuously develop and optimise Smart eTax. Thank you very much for your support!

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