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We want to make it as easy as possible for you to use Smart eTax and complete your tax return - so you can save time for the really important things in life!

With the following tips and tricks, you have everything you need to use Smart eTax easily and quickly.


Before uploading documents for the current TAX YEAR, it is necessary to select and complete the questionnaire. Smart eTax also helps you to create your own task list. In this way, you can upload all your documents step by step and make them available to your tax office.

Take your time and don't forget to check off your tasks.

Tax Year Selector

Every time you log in, be aware of which tax year you want to be in. Because immediately after logging in, you are automatically always in the future tax year. This means that you can upload documents from the previous year that are important for the next tax return in the following year.

For the current or past TAX YEAR, you can select the year accordingly on the start page.

Traffic light system

With the automatic traffic light system, you communicate your current pending status directly to your fiduciary office. The aim is to process all tasks with the status "green".

As soon as you have completed everything and your traffic lights are green, your fiduciary office is automatically informed.

Don't forget: Check off your tasks as soon as you have completed them.


You can simply take photos of the documents for the tax return with your mobile and upload the corresponding images to your account. Today's mobile cameras achieve high image quality and this remains unchanged during the upload.

The following tips will also save you time and effort:

Clean camera lenses
Good lighting conditions
Calm hand
Quick check of the photo

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